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Breathe Design offers full service design and documentation for residential properties ranging from simple alterations to bespoke houses. We offer personalized service with quick turn around and the ability to provide full focus to current projects, as well as the underlying focus on sustainability, people friendly spaces and healthy living.

Our ethos is to provide a high level of client cooperation to ensure that the final result is perfect for your lifestyle and meets all of your needs. Working closely with consultants and constantly incorporating up to date systems and materials ensures that the project budget is attainable.

Breathe Designs capabilities cover the entire process from concept design development, preparing and submitting documentation for council approval, detailed construction documentation, tendering the project and contract preparation to contract administration for the duration of the building process.

We are also strong proponents of the Building Biology field. Established in Europe for over 40years, this combination of science and medicine merges with design to create spaces that support human health and minimize impacts on the environment. A fundamental concept of Building Biology is the use of natural materials that ‘breathe’ to stabilize humidity and temperature thereby improving indoor air quality. Also included in this field are passive solar design, natural lighting and ventilation, electromagnetic field mitigation, psychologically balanced spaces, geopathic energy and a close connection with nature.

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