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At Luxury Heating and Cooling, we provide specialist central heating and air conditioning systems for premium residential property.

Just like a luxury car needs a high-quality engine, your architectural home needs well-engineered internal systems to create a comfortable environment for your family.

Our team of specialist engineers and installers can design a bespoke home comfort solution to suit your architectural design, budget and lifestyle. We can advise you on efficient capital investment, ongoing running costs and environmental impact.

Our areas of expertise include:

Hydronic Heating Systems

Add luxury-level comfort with a custom European-style central heating system. Hydronic heating is already commonplace in Melbourne and quickly becoming popular in Sydney. Hydronic heating comes in two varieties – underfloor heating, and radiators.

If you have concrete, stone or tiled floors, underfloor heating is a must to create a perfectly comfortable environment. Most importantly, hydronic underfloor heating will heat your whole house in all weather – it’s not just ‘background’ heating.

If you’ve ever been to the UK then you’ll be familiar with radiators, the standard method of heating any room. Radiators provide silent, comfortable heating for your home and are especially suitable to retrofit into older homes.

Hydronic heating systems can run on gas or electricity. We can advise on the best solution for your home design and your budget. Hydronic heating systems provide much more comfortable, consistent and efficient heating than using a reverse-cycle air conditioner.

If you’re looking for real luxury comfort in your home during the rainy winter months, then talk to us about a hydronic heating system for your new home.

Air Conditioning Services

Keep your home cool in summer with an integrated air conditioning system. Whether it’s a split system, ducted, or a complex solution for a unique architectural design, we can help.

While almost every Australian home needs air conditioning, a custom-designed house needs special consideration to ensure that the mechanical equipment doesn’t interfere with the architectural design.

Our team of experts can design, supply and install a bespoke air conditioning system for your new home. We’ll work with your architect and builder to select the right products and installation methods to give you even, comfortable conditioned air throughout your home without any noise or hot and cold spots.

We can also provide automation systems to control your air conditioning remotely. You’ll be able to monitor how your air conditioning is running, and turn individual zones on and off from a mobile phone app, from anywhere in the world.

Home Solar Energy

Minimise the running costs and environmental footprint of your home. The biggest energy users in your house will be heating & cooling, and hot water production.

A solar energy system is a great way to generate your own renewable energy and keep your running costs down. We can design and install a solar energy solution to match the energy requirements of your heating, air conditioning and hot water systems.

Home solar is a cost-effective investment with government rebates available. In Australia you can expect a payback time of 3 to years for a solar energy system. We also provide solar battery systems for those serious about renewable energy investment.

We can also advise you on which electricity retailers offer the best solar tariffs, so you maximise your return when you sell your solar power back to the grid.

Hot Water Systems

Every family needs hot water, but not high energy bills. Instantaneous gas water heaters aren’t always the cheapest option, as they’re expensive to run. Our engineers can design a custom centralised hot water system to suit your home, to keep your bills down and ensure you never run out of hot water.

If you’re also installing solar panels, then it’s a good idea to use an electric rather than gas water heater. It’s cheaper to use the free energy from your solar panels to run the electric heater than to buy more gas.

Gas Fireplaces

It’s hard to compete with the ambience of a roaring fire. We can provide a range of beautiful designer gas fireplaces to complete the luxury atmosphere of your living room. Our fireplaces come in single-sided or double-side options and can be recessed into joinery or other architectural features to blend seamlessly into your decor.

We also offer bio-ethanol fireplaces. These are a great option for renovations or projects where space is at a premium as they don’t require a flue to outside. That means they can be installed in an apartment or other smaller dwelling.

All our fireplaces are remote-controlled and have a wide range of decorative inserts and fascia styles to suit the interior design of your home.