Betty Preshaw Mortgage BrokerHi, I’m Betty Preshaw, an MFAA accredited mortgage broker and the proprietor of Mojo Mortgages.

I spent 20 years working for some of Australia’s biggest banks, an experience that allowed me to gain extensive insight into corporate and retail banking and help hundreds of families purchase homes and investment properties at the most competitive mortgage rates available.

I left the bank to start my own family, an experience that in many ways has taught me as much about life as 20 years in the financial industry did. I was now sitting on the other side of the desk at my local branch, seeing the world through the eyes of the people that I’d helped in my previous career.

It was only natural that when my husband and I decided that I would return to work, I would start my own mortgage broking business. It’s what I know. It’s what I’m good at. It’s what I’ve known for 20 years. Now, having been through the experience of creating a family of my own, I have the clearest understanding I have ever had on the types of home and investment aspirations my clients have, and combined with my experience in the banking industry, the greatest opportunity to help them.

I started Mojo Mortgages because I want to provide real, no‐nonsense advice on mortgage lending. I want to simplify the process and discuss options with clients in the most transparent way possible, using terms they can understand. Large lending institutions trade on volume and complexity, confusing customers with a laundry list of options and pushing ‘products’ that will generate the best return for the lender. This is where I can help.

At Mojo Mortgages we believe that one size does not fit all. We believe that our value is defined by our ability to meet our client’s unique needs. That the best lending outcomes are born from true partnerships between client and broker, and that there is nothing more fulfilling than helping a client purchase the property of their dreams. I want to service your lending needs and create partnerships that last a lifetime.

I specialise in what I know, and having grown up in Sydney’s eastern and southern suburbs, Mojo Mortgages services clients needs exclusively in these areas. Since starting Mojo Mortgages I have acquired an in‐depth understanding of these markets, and have built a trusted network of like‐minded professionals to help with your needs. I’ve carefully selected the real estate agents, accountants, solicitors, and financial planners that I work with, based on their willingness to adhere to the same business principles that I do – transparency and partnership.

My commitment to you goes beyond just finding the cheapest loan, but instead focuses on identifying the best option that meets your unique needs. The service that I provide will be exceptional and I’ll give you a clear understanding on why I’m recommending one proposed lending option over another.

That’s it. Nothing else. Just a focused commitment to get you the outcome that you deserve. I can’t wait to help you finance your next property!

If you need additional information or wish to speak with me regarding your specific situation, please contact me on 0412 255 298 or email me
at betty@mojomortgages.com.au