amanda headshot 1I work in an industry where it’s hard to know where to place your trust. People spend a lot of money on their personal insurances (Income Protection, Life, TPD and Trauma cover), but don’t necessarily know if they’ve received the best possible advise. This is made worse by the banks and advisers who are aligned to particular policy providers. Whose interest are they working in?

I help to remove this doubt. Because I can recommend any policy on the market, I can provide an objective analysis of the cover you have, and whether this can be improved upon.

My goal is to educate people about their options. I am transparent, and I love to take something complex and simplify it so that the process becomes easy.

I didn’t always have a passion for insurance. I spent the first decade of my career in the corporate world, but I was drawn to working with individuals, rather than big business.

I’ve spent the last 7 years helping Medical Professionals, White Collar Professionals and Small to Medium Business Owners navigate the world of insurance.

This requires the ability to technically analyse all the policies on the market to find the best insurance contracts, as well as a knowledge of how to structure the cover in the optimal way.

But equally importantly I bring my passion for helping people protect the things that are most important to them – like the financial future of their family.

This is what Kushwin Rajamani, Consultant Cardiologist had to say about his decision to work with me:

“Amanda helped me scrutinise my policies and highlighted the major shortcomings. I had a false sense of reassurance before that as long as I paid my premiums that I will be safe. Wrong. The pain would be even greater to realise that you will not be adequately covered because of the failure to read the ‘small print’ in the book of definitions and clauses that was given to you.

I was impressed how Amanda made the whole process so simple – she visited my work place at a time which suits me, summarised each of the different policies with the pros and cons of each and the insurance therefore is truly individualised. She even did a lot of the paperwork on my behalf.

I honestly could not feel any more confident that my insurances are well taken care of. Even beyond all of these factors, the biggest thing I have gained is someone I can TRUST”.