Heather RomanHello! I’m Heather, I’m a wife, mum, swim teacher (specialising in anxious kids), and I have a Rodan+Fields business as well.

One of my swimmers thought I might be 100 (like their school teacher is 😂) and so I was looking for something to make my skin look better – more hydrated,  younger looking, with less wrinkles, please!  I have loved the results, and I love helping other people feel better and more confident when they see their skin looking its best.

Formulated by Stanford trained, still practicing dermatologists, Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields (original creators of Proactiv), the products focus on delivering visible results for sensitive, ageing, sun damaged, or acne prone skin using proprietary blends of botanical and active ingredients.  They are famous for the skin care regimens, (Redefine is the #1 anti-ageing)  but also have award winning body lotions, lip balms, face masks, micro dermabrasion scrubs and serums, so there are beautiful products for everyone!

If you’re looking for skincare that will visibly improve your skin, or you know someone suffering with acne, please feel free to get in touch.  I’d love to help!

To find out which products the dermatologists would recommend for you, please take this 2 minute solution tool quiz: https://hroman1.myrandf.com/au/skin-solution-tool