Your View Marketing specialises in small to medium business marketing where clients are looking to engage in promotional activity.  You may be in a growth period or hoping to initiate one, but either way Your View can assist. It’s the perfect solution to test drive the marketing world without having to take on a full time staff member.

Jodie Steele

Founder, Jodie Steele, has over 16 years’ experience in Marketing & Events, in both locally the Australian and New Zealand markets, as well as worldwide export product involvement.

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Your View Marketing offers complete marketing solutions as well as one off bursts of promotion for your business. We can assist you in all of the following areas:


Overall marketing planning

Market research

Brand strategy

Budget creation and reporting


Basic website design and maintenance

Advanced website design management

Social media strategy and maintenance

Copywriting, content generation

Online report generation, including demystifying and recommendations

SEO and Adwords management


Email marketing strategy and execution

Copywriting (online, newsletters, brochures, flyers, advertising)

Media (Advertising and PR) strategy and execution

Graphic design & coordination

Public Relations


Sales Promotions

Reward Programmes




Product Launches

Product Demonstrations

Company Functions




Training Sessions

Team Building Events

Total budget creation and management